Your glistening and charming smile can be entirely affected by the contrast of ugly black or silver fillings. This is easily rectified by replacing the old fillings with tooth coloured cosmetic fillings.

Amalgam/silver fillings have been used for many years and they are functionally very good, but really do spoil the appearance of nice teeth if you need to “open wide”(Big Smile).

Amalgam fillings contain the toxic substance – mercury, which is considered unsafe, hence must be removed with care.

Aesthetics are not the only advantage over silver fillings. As silver does not stick to teeth, lot of healthy tooth structure is usually removed to keep a silver filling in place. Composite Cosmetic Fillings permit us to remove only the decayed area of your tooth, thereby saving lot of tooth structure.

Unlike silver fillings, composites bond directly to the tooth providing support. Composites can be used to fill in cracks, chips and gaps – and will match the colour of your other teeth.

We are placing high strength and excellent tooth colored filling materials.

Nano hybrid composites

These are modern day filling materials which are excellent in their function as well as in looks. All shades of natural dentition are available. These are technique sensitive in placement and these materials we are proudly using for our esteemed patients so they should not be conscious in public while smiling or speaking.

Determining the length of root canal

Radio graphs are important part of root canal treatment. The dentist takes several x-ray pictures of the tooth to determine the position of the instruments and filling material inside the canals.

Sealing of root canals

Once the tooth root canals are suitably cleaned and shaped and infection free they can be sealed off. A root filling material (gutta percha) is placed into each canal along with a special sealer.

Zirconium/porcelain crowns

An excellent replacement option for badly damaged or large carious tooth or in RCT treated tooth. These can be made in various shades of natural tooth color. They are also mechanically strong.

GIC fillings

These are less technique sensitive and are tooth colored filling materials. These are quick to place and also has anti-carious(anti-cavity ) property.