A smile expresses a feeling of joy, success, sensuality, affection and courtesy, and reveals self confidence and kindness. The harmony of the smile is determined not only by the shape, the position and the color of the teeth but also by the gums. Gum’s health and appearance are essential components of an attractive smile. Although pigmentation of the gums is not problematic, complaints of ‘black gums’ are common particularly in patients having a very high smile line (gummy smile). For depigmentation of gingiva different treatment modalities have been reported like simple, effective and yield good results, along with good patient satisfaction.

Pleasing and beautiful smile attracts everyone. The proper aligned teeth along with healthy pink gums get attention from everyone. In certain cases, if the patient has a high smile line or has a bigger smile, and has “black gums” it appears very unpleasant. Such people become shy and start avoiding smiling and laughing because their black gums will become visible.

Now such people need not be shy and can laugh heartily. At White Line Dental Care & Implant Center, we take care of this detail too. We do “Depigmentation” of gums by which gums start appearing pink and beautiful. Now your smile can again express a feeling of joy, success, sensuality, and reveal self confidence.